Optimize your questionnaire — Look & Feel Editor

Mar 21, 2018 | Improve your surveys

A well optimized questionnaire must be intuitive, simple and accurate. You can get creative using the fully-customizable Look & Feel generator.

You are probably wondering how you would promote your business, your new product, or increase your visibility. Well, an online questionnaire is a great kick-start to effectively collect all the data your need to know about your competitors, identify your new target market, and increase your exposure. Keep in mind that designing a questionnaire is much more than just collecting data. The look and feel of your questionnaire can effectively influence the response rate and quality of data collected.

The great news is that Evalandgo allows you to optimize your online questionnaires with a rich array of interactive questions to keep your audience engaged at all times. You don’t need to be a number-cruncher or have exclusive design skills. You can optimize professional looking questionnaires just by clicking on the Look & Feel editor which has over 200 customization variables  and  with unlimited pages, graphs, tables texts of your choice to reflect your style, brand and/or image .


Optimize your Background Design.


Upload your own wallpapers or background image for your questionnaire. 


Consider  using a recurring motif  for smaller background image. A neutral pattern in the background looks great with a transparent or semi-transparent questionnaire and use your business’ color chart to fully express your style.


Image Optimization.


Use PNG files for automatic resizing images (logo, questions, background…). Keep large image files for logo as this “Option” part is automatically resized.


Add a banner image in the header.


The type of image that takes up the entire header, compared to the logo which appears on the left (when you add the logo in the “Options” of the questionnaire)



From the questionnaire Editor.


Go to “Options” and add a transparent image. Choose the size of the image banner– small, medium, large (for example a 250 px X 250 px image, medium size).


Create your own design theme.


In the Look & Feel editor. Select the Header element > background image. Then upload your banner image. This image must be the correct size to fill the space precisely (for example 740 px wide X 260 px high). 


Adding a page background image.


The software automatically adjusts the image size to avoid degrading it. This means that an image that is too small will be repeated to prevent it from being stretched or blurred. Note that it takes time to load a very large image, your questionnaire may take a little more time to fully appear. Please test your questionnaire before sending it to respondents to make sure that it works smoothly. You can also create a large image that follows the contours of the questionnaire, making sure you have the right size and dimensions.


Optimize your color.


The background of the questionnaire can be made completely transparent, partially opaque, or a solid color. The questions can be separated (as shown in the blue example above in the article).

Don’t forget the font!


Choose font aspects wisely – Your font’s size, color, and style needs to be clear and easy to read. After all, white on white is not very visible). Each of these aspects can be individually adjusted to ensure that your questionnaire is clear and legible.

Click and create your online questionnaire!

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