Make an online quiz from your mobile phone

Oct 8, 2020 | News

Easily make your online quizzes from your smartphone thanks to our new Eval&GO interface !


With the rise of mobile web, browsing the net via smartphone is becoming more and more popular, for both individuals as well as profesionals. Being responsive and developping on this segment is essential to us.

Moreover, the number of people making an online quizz is growing steady.

Our new Eval&GO mobile interface is now available ! Simple and intuitive to make an online quizz, a knowledge assessment and a multiple choice questionnaire.

Come and discover our new interface and all features available on your mobile.


Free and interactive online quiz


The interface intends to be more handy on mobile than the laptop version. It facilitates the use of our solution in order to make an online quiz directly from your smartphone. 

So, with just a few clicks on our simplified interface, you can make a quiz, customize it using a design from our library, share it thanks to the publihing link, analyze its resultts in real time and all of this from your mobile.

Thus, whether you are a company, a training establishment, an association or an educational organization, Eval&GO provides a whole range of possibilities. You can make a fun quiz, an assessment test, a knowledge test, a HR quiz or a multiple choice questionnaire depending on your needs.


View an online quiz example.


Your quiz will therefore be available from anywhere and any device. A real time saver !


Eval&GO’s online quiz features


Thanks to our interface designed for mobile use, making an online quiz has never been so simple and quick.

Let’s see together all features available from a mobile phone, according to the Eval&GO account you have subscribed to !

Display the respondent’s score

As a user, you can display at the end of the survey the score of the respondent to his/her online quiz. This score can be displayed in differents forms : 

points score

  • out of 10
  • out of 20
  • out of the total points you have assigned to each question

percentage score


                                                           online quiz display score            online quiz score 


Add a customized text according to the respondent’s score

Eval&Go allows you to set up a customized message that shows up according to the grade received by the respondent.

You will define in advance what text you want to display depending on the score obtained.

For instance, for a quiz graded out of 20, if the respondent has a score between 5 and 10 you can display a message and for a score between 15 and 20, a text completely different. You are free to compose your messages and define your own score ranges.

                                                         online quiz feature customized text            online quiz display customized text  

Display of the corrections

Displaying corrections to the respondents is defined as an advanced feature, available only with our profesionnals accounts (PRO and PRO+).

In the online quiz, the correction of questions is displayed depending on your requirements :

– after each response

– at the end of the survey

– both options at once.


                                                         online quiz feature corrections               


Add a comment during correction display

During questions ‘ correction display for the online quiz, the mobile interface allows you to complete your correction with an explanatory text or a comment to give some details to the respondent.

                                                           online quiz feature comment             

Online quiz timer

If you would like to add some challenge for your respondents, Eval&GO offers the option to define a response time for your online quiz :

– per question

– for the overall quiz.

The timer feature is avalaible from the PRO+ account.

                                                           online quiz feature timer                online quiz display timer

Furthermore, with a PRO+ account, deleting Eval&GO brand becomes very simple and allows you to make an online quizz that is more profesional.


Thereafter, once your online quiz is ready, you can publish it online easily from your smartphone thanks to its associated link. You can also share it by email and on social media : Facebook and Twitter.


Finally, as a user of our mobile interface, you will easily have access to all results of your online quiz in real time, depending on the Eval&GO account you have subscribed to. You will be able to analyze in detail different criteria:

– number of respondents

– average score

– minimum or maximum score

– average answering time.

Furthermore, the mobile interface allows you to view detailed results:

– per question and also

– individually per respondant.

While creating your online quiz, be carefull to select the correct words for your questions and choices of answers. To know more, please read the article here.

Moreover, if you would like to collect personal data from your respondents (first name, last name, email), Eval&GO mobile interface allows you to be compliant with GDPR regulation (learn more).


With just a few clicks, thanks to our new mobile interface, making an online quiz with Eval&GO from your smartphone becomes as easy as child’s play !

Click and make your own online quiz !

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