How to keep your survey respondents committed

May 10, 2019 | Improve your surveys

Online surveys can be a great way to rapidly reach your target audience and encourage them to participate. So grab the opportunity and create an impression.

Too often, when designing surveys, many tend to focus more on their needs and completely overlook respondents’ needs and experience. As a matter of fact, respondents should be appreciated for their involvement in helping you get the information you need.

It is therefore, your responsibility to make your survey a truly engaging and interesting experience. Engagement increases the quality of data and make the survey taking experience more enjoyable.

While it may be difficult for most survey designers to maintain respondents’ engagement during the survey process.


Apply these quick tips to improve your survey response rate


How long the survey should be?


Before you start, it is important to state the deadline for completing the survey. Be realistic and honest about how much time the respondent will spend completing your questionnaire, or else he or she will drop the questionnaire before completing it.

Another major reason for respondents drop out is survey fatigue. In a typical case, surveys with more than 10 questions are deemed ” time-consuming” and your response rate will gradually start to decrease. Keep your surveys short and simple. It is important that respondents do not have the impression that their efforts are not wasted. Be very clear and precise with your questions.

Ensure that each question is relevant to a purpose, to avoid wasting your respondents’ time.


Take advantage of multimedia


The use of multimedia can be a positive addition to your questionnaire, making it more dynamic and pleasant. Your questionnaire is online, and dynamic! Use this opportunity to add short video clips or images. 

In addition, think about the use of cursors, emojis and other attractive visuals that can make the survey experience more enjoyable.




Yes, it’s absolutely clear! Images can be a fun and attractive way to get your respondents’ opinions. You can optimize the design of your questionnaire or illustrate a question using images. 




You can use video to increase the momentum of a questionnaire. Just make sure that there are less than a minute.
That’ s just sufficient time to glimpse the respondents’ interest. And of course, your video should be interesting and captivating.

Nevertheless, it is advisable not to overload your questionnaire with too many video clips and images. Otherwise, it may distract them from answering the questions. You only get a thin line between “too much” and “too little”! You must fine-tune the optimal balance for the survey.


Use interactive question types


Try to include a variety of open-ended questions and interactive answers as they are attractive and engaging for your participants.These question types are more dynamic due to the fact that they require respondents to actively participate using the mouse.

Certain types of questions are more likely to interact effectively for your questionnaire.


Open-ended questions


While open-ended questions can provide you with insightful information, avoid adding too much details and refrain from making them mandatory. In the event that there is a compulsory text question, which your respondent is unable to answer, it’s possible that you will  lose a respondent.


Slider type questions


You can use slide questions as an alternative to basic radio button questions. By using the slide question, respondents are able to engage and interact with the survey. In this way, respondents can drag a bar to indicate their level of preference. Although this may seem like a snap, the act of moving a slide is more dynamic and engaging than simply clicking to select a radio-button.


Ranking questions


The ranking questions are also highly capable of involving the respondent due to their use of drag and drop functionality.


Heatmap type questions


In addition, you may consider inserting thermal map-type questions if they correspond to your questionnaire, which could be interesting and fun for respondents. It is much more interesting to click on a thermal map question than to simply click on an image and answer a multiple-choice question.

Here’s an example:


Bring on the incentives


An introduction  is a great starting point to motivate your respondents by adding a small incentive. In addition, you should note that “all respondents who complete the questionnaire” will be entered into a random draw to win a prize. Be a little subjective to entice the respondent and motivate them to complete the questionnaire once they have begun.


Don’t turn your questionnaire into an advertisement


You should also avoid turning your questionnaire into an advertisement. Try to present a positive image of your company. Avoid leaving the respondent with the impression of simply sending him an ad with a few forced questions.

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