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Apr 11, 2019 | Improve your surveys

It is undeniable that the process of completing a questionnaire is sometimes overwhelming for participants. This occurs most often when the general introduction or end page of the survey is not clearly defined. A poorly defined survey introduction can have a significant impact on the response rate, the quality of the responses obtained and consequently, the conclusions drawn from the results.

While time is elastic, consider using your introduction as a “hook” to capture your respondents attention. For this purpose, it is important that you carefully structure your questionnaire and the end page in a way that takes into account the respondents’ point of view.

This articles  guides you to the importance of adding effective introductions & End-page to your questionnaire.


What to include in your questionnaire introduction ?


Your introduction must be short, simple and concise.

A thank you message: Initially, start your questionnaire with a brief thank you message and show your gratitude, which will make your respondents more appreciative and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Purpose of the study: Provide an outline of the purpose and reason for conducting the study as well as how you would use the data. Be as honest and transparent as possible so as to gain the trust of respondents and avoid bias.

The time it will take: Give a realistic time-frame! If it’s going to take them 20 minutes, don’t write that it will “take a few minutes.” Use a timer when testing the questionnaire to estimate the amount time it takes and be honest.

Your respondents confidentiality and data privacy: Indicate whether the answers will be confidential, anonymous or tracked. Insert a link to the privacy policy.

Offer an incentive: Incentive are an ideal and most effective way to motivate participants to take part in your survey. While most people are motivated by rewards, make sure that the incentive is relevant and useful.



What to include in your questionnaire end-page ?


You have several options to end your questionnaire: 

Insert a customized thank-you message: This page thanks the interviewees for completing the questionnaire. In addition, it provides your company’s contact details. As an alternative, you may also include a promotional code in this page.

Redirect to a URL of your choice: This page redirects you to your website or Facebook page, another specially designed landing page or an invitation to an event.

Redirect to a report: In this option, you can redirect graphs and tables of group data analysis (averages, number of responses, etc.) to an automated or general report. Alternatively, you can redirect them to a report that shows the respondent’s individual results

A well-defined questionnaire introduction and end page will make your respondents feel confident when completing it. To ensure that your questionnaire is appealing to respondents, try to answer the questions yourself before sending it out.

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