The importance of ranking type of questions

Dec 2, 2018 | Our resources

Ranking question is a survey question type that ask respondents to rank items in order of their preference or importance. These are a form of closed ended questions that allows respondents  to choose from a given list of multi items and each rank them according to their level importance.

The questions are an important part in collecting  accuracy data and insight of what the respondents would likes or dislike about a certain product or service.


Types of ranking questions


There are two ways respondents can answer the ranking type of question:

  1. Drag and drop style question allows the respondent  to choose the order in which he ranks a list of item. Respondents can drag and drop their choice of answers and re-order them as they wish. This question type is highly interactive and keeps respondents engaged.
  2. The  numbered drop down menus: Here you can add up to 6 columns and  you can choose  responses ranging from 0-10 for each answer choice. Respondent replies by selecting the desired response for each option. The order of responses can be displayed randomly to avoid bias.


The importance of ranking types of questions


Survey ranking questions allow researchers to determine relative ranking, constitutionality of ranking, rather than merely the absolute ranking of the item in the eyes of consumers. When ranking the companies should be more realistic, and more productive, it is better to compare your company to your competitors rather than to the whole market.

Relativity isn’t just a set of theories by Albert Einstein, it’s also something you should be thinking about while creating surveys or analyzing your data.

Ranking questions are important when a company wants to improve the overall experience of a product. By asking respondents to rank the features of the products according to their usefulness. Gives the  company a better insight on what products should be included in the product line of what features should be added to improve the product.

Respondents do not have to view things as equally important, they are forced to prioritize and provide you with insightful and actionable feedback.


Creating a Ranking Question


  1. In the survey builder open “edit” and “create”
  2. Select “ranking ” and start editing your ranking question. In the ranking question there are many choices to choose according to your preference and or the purpose of your survey.
  3. Click modify and type your question here “for example “Place these colors in the order of your preference”
  4. In the wording space you can choose whether you would like to use the the question text line, paragraph or piping format. 
  5. Then complete  the wording choice or items. You can add as many answers as you want or limit your ranking to at least 4 to 5 choices. Too many choice can overwhelm or confuse the respondents.
  6. You have the possibility to randomize the order of your choices to overcome the bias that can results from the order of the items presented.
  7. You can choose to use images instead of text in the answer choice or question.
  8. Configure any additional choices.
  9. Click save and close

Respondents rate the best item as 1 and the least item will be ranked according to the number of items placed on wording. Each value can not be repeated.


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