How to use the survey follow-up Autopilot

Apr 4, 2019 | Improve your surveys

Sending your customer satisfaction survey alone is not enough to collect valuable data. Respondents need a sense of motivation to be involved in a survey. As a result, they are bound to feel the urgency or importance of completing it.

Recipients on the other hand can easily ignore the survey when they feel there is insufficient customization or lack of clarity. This lowers the response rate and the quality of the data you want to collect.

How ever, you don’t want to loose a great deal of wasted opportunity for your organisation by giving up on unanswered survey. Evalandgo survey follow-up campaign gives you a second chance to attract the attention of these people and increase your response rate.


Introducing the new Planning module in Follow-up!


Our developers are always working to incorporate new features into the software. We have developed incredible features that make it  easy to use our software upon requested from our users.

Now, when you send a survey campaign, you can set a reminder or  a thank you email on the “autopilot”. Which means you can plan when respondents will receive a follow-up message.


Two ways to send your follow-up messages:

A thank you email.


It is usually sent to respondents who completed the questionnaire.  I am very sure that these respondents come from your saved contact database. They give you the information to help you improve your business. So they like to know that their answer is appreciated. Giving them feedback or simply a message of thanks can make you different from others, they really appreciate it.


A reminder type email.


This email should be sent to those who have not yet completed the survey, those who have started but have not completed and those who have not yet opened the survey.


How to send an effective follow-up?

Be creative.


Respondents want to feel safe when conducting a survey. They want to know who they are giving information to, whether it is safe, and what is the purpose of the information? To get them to respond to your follow-up, start with a creative subject that promotes safety, a sense of urgency and curiosity.


Set up the duration for completion.


The Evalandgo follow-up campaign planner gives you an option to send your follow up messages at a fixed date and time.  You can schedule the date you want to send the follow-up email (e.g., send a thank you message to respondents who participated in the survey 72 hours after the survey).


Schedule your follow-up message.


From the My Surveys page, scroll the mouse over the title of the survey you want then click on the “Follow-up” link, the follow-up window will pop-up.

Click on the “Planning” tab.  Here you can choose who to send the follow-up messages  to and when to send them. You can  also edit the content and the subject of these messages.

Once you have scheduled your tracking, your messages will automatically be sent so you don’t have to worry about it!

Click and create your online questionnaire!

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