General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

Jul 10, 2018 | Our resources

What is the General Data Personal Regulation on Protection (GDPR)


The GDPR (General Data Personal Regulation on Protection) is a new European law in force as of  5 May 2018. The purpose of this  regulation is to standardize the registration of personal data of the European Union citizens. Companies collecting data in Europe (or from Europe) must comply with the requirements to ensure a secure data processing system.

The law defines rights that are primarily recognized for consumers, on the processed personal data. It is intended to ensure that the user has a systematic right of access to his or her personal data processing. Data is considered personal when it relates to any information that permits the identification of a natural person. This regulation does not cover anonymous data.

You will find below the information on how Evalandgo processes it’s customers data and records personal data collected in our questionnaires. Our goal is to ensure that your data is  perfectly secured.


Our General data commitments


As a user:


When you create an online account or subscribe to our paid packages you’re asked to add your personal details.

Here is the context of the processing of your General data

Each website visitor is explicitly informed of the use of cookies necessary to facilitate the browsing of Evalandgo website. Your general data is used for the sole purpose of the application. You will only receive emails about using your account or software from Evalandgo related news or information.

By clicking the “unsubscribe” link or by contacting us at you can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time. We do not have access to your banking details stored on a secure platform neither access to your passwords, please follow the reset procedure in case your forgot your password.

Our software enables you to collect your respondents’ personal data. Unless explicitly requested by you or a respondents, we have no right to access to personal data. Be careful, it is your responsibility to use the personal data collected from your customers, you must adhere to the rules yourself. You can delete your account at anytime and once deleted we can’t access to any of your personal information.


As a subcontractor:


Evalandgo is a natural or legal person, public authority department or bodies processing personal data on behalf of the controller. When you collect your data from your respondents as a legal entity, you are responsible for processing them while our role is limited to the collection and classification of the data.

Evalandgo has done its utmost to ensure that you comply with the law in this context. We therefore offer you a number of guarantees: a fair system of security between all our accounts. More advanced features in our paid offers. In this context Evalandgo must ensure that you comply with the the law.

Eval&GO is an application, developed and created in France. All our data is stored in a French hosting company (OVH) subject to European data protection laws. Again, all the information you collect is confidential and is yours. We do not sell any specific information about you or your respondents.

Please note that, the collection of so-called sensitive data in your Eval&GO questionnaires (racial or ethnic origin, political or religious opinions, trade union membership, etc.) is prohibited outside certain specific contexts.


Creation of interface:


Eval&GO has developed a consent request feature that will be displayed at the bottom of the questionnaires when personal data is collected. On certain types of questions (contact details, email, address …) this request will be mandatory and must be personalized.

Each respondent will have the opportunity to exercise his or her right to be forgotten to rectification. If the request is  submitted to Eval&GO, the data will be modified or deleted. You can easily delete your customers’ personal data via our application. In order to keep you completely informed we have added information messages in our application.


Our terms and conditions as well as our general terms and conditions for subcontracting are evolving under the GDPR. You will receive them by email, and when you log in after May 25, 2018 you will also be asked to accept them. Our team is there to assist you  about the questionnaire collection of personal data.

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