Tourism Satisfaction Survey Importance

Sep 4, 2018 | Our resources

Why carry out a tourist satisfaction survey?

Officers from the tourism industry get on the wheel! Its almost summer, thanks to the rising temperatures, everyone can feel it. Its time for towns to prepare themselves for a massive influx of tourist. The year’s busiest time. Tourist always look for the best hotels, restaurants, shopping centers etc. This is the best opportunity to continually improve and enhance your visitors satisfaction and choice of re-experience. The high one’ satisfaction level the more likely he/she is to experience the service again and provide the positive word of mouth to family and friends.


Reasons for collecting tourism data


You may be wondering how you would go about evaluating the tourist unsatisfactory experience? Well, online satisfaction surveys are a great way to receive honest feedback, valuable insight on the most important issues, get an insight about their preferences, general visit etc. Conducting an online survey can help you easily get your visitors opinions and prepare for a great welcome in summer.

You can carry out your surveys before, during and after the visit. The first survey should determine the purpose of visiting your city. Get to learn more about the tourist profile. Once you have collected this initial information, you can conduct a survey to find out how your city is perceived by people passing through.

Furthermore, you can also conduct a satisfaction survey on the reception services offered to tourists. Taking into consideration the opinion of tourists is one of the preconditions for obtaining the tourist quality rating. The purpose of a Tourism Quality Plan is to combine, rigorous quality approaches to a national quality mark within the tourism sector.

There is no rule for conducting your questionnaire, but it is important for you to create an actionable objective that will have a positive  impact on your results.



Here is our comprehensive list of tourism information to collect:

  • Destination (purpose of the visit)
  • Demographic data (number of people, age,sex etc.)
  • Means of transport, choice of accommodation and expenditure amount
  • Understand their habits, their motivation and duration of stay


How to use the tourism results.


You have completed your questionnaire, collected the results and wondering how you would use  them? First, you have collected enough data on your respondents to produce quality, targeted, and unpublished information that can have an impact on them. The collection of contact information will allow you to enrich your tourism database. With regards to reception services, customer feedback will allow you to improve the receptions of tourist if necessary, and thus to obtain the tourist quality ratings. Simply create a report to resume all the collected data from your survey.


How to distribute the questionnaire?


The distribution of the questionnaire should not be taken lightly.  You need to obtain as many answers as possible to be able to use the results correctly.You can start by sending the questionnaire by email to your database. This personal transmission will allow you to be sure that it arrives to the right recipient. Once created, your questionnaire can be integrated to your website, published on social networks or sent by mail. The responses will be analysed in a few clicks.

You can encourage your tourism participants to complete the questionnaire by offering them different coupons upon their visit, such as discounts for museum admission, movie tickets, etc. Ensure that your questionnaire is well-designed and attractive to increases chances of higher rate of response. At Eval&GO, we provide you with endless possibilities to make your questionnaire unique, so enjoy!

You now have all the cards in hand to cope with summer and the massive arrival of tourists!


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