Add pages and questions to your survey

Mar 8, 2019 | Improve your surveys

Online surveys are a great way to gather information.  A great survey can help you increase your visibility, foster customer loyalty and promote a brand or product image. Adding pages and questions to your survey keeps your  respondents engaged and  reduce dropouts.


How to add pages?


You can easily add a new page by clicking “edit” and “add new page”. Then select a question from the left and add it to the introduction. In order to get accurate data it is better to insert at least 2 to 3 questions in a single page.


Clicking “Next or End”.


It is also important to note that answers are only recorded when the respondent validates the page by clicking “Next” or “End”.  This means that if respondent answers only 29  out of 30 questions on a single page and closes the page without validating it, it is likely that you may not obtain any data.


Importance of adding pages.


Adding pages  allows you to separate and organize your questions throughout your survey. It helps respondents  to read and answer the survey without fatigue. Please keep in mind that respondents are not discouraged by the number of questions asked. In fact, they are likely to quit before starting if they are confronted with a very long page of seemingly endless questions.

Pages renders your questionnaire more dynamic. The act of moving to the next page keeps the respondent engaged and makes them feel they’re progressing. The benefits of additional pages would of course be null and void if you add pages are just piled up with question. It is  better to limit your questionnaire to 5 pages with 2 to 3 questions.


Grouping questions.


You may also consider grouping similar questions along in as single page.  For example, page one may asks general information about the respondent, page two asks about their satisfaction with the service, and page three asks about their opinion on pricing. This promotes clarity for your respondents and strongly improves their survey-taking experience.

Another advantage of adding pages is that it allows you to easily to insert branching logic to your questionnaire. Multiple pages enables you to choose different types of branching and build more complex sets of logic compared a single page. Introduce logic to your survey. Depending on the response given to a question, it re-directs the respondent to a specific page. In this way, respondents are not frustrated by irrelevant questions, thus saving time. Page to page branching allows you to send a respondent to another page according to their answer to a question. Optimize your respondent’s experience by having them answer only the pages of your survey that are relevant to them.


Random displays of questions/pages.


This is a great way to create tests and quizzes displaying a random question selection. Ideal for testing which can be carried out by the same person twice or more. To ensure that respondents do not answer the same question consistently. Just put several questions on a page, a single question will appear randomly when the survey is published.


Random choice of questions/page.


The order of questions on the page is displayed randomly. Reduce bias that can occur if questions are displayed in the order, the survey creator inserted.


Duplicate pages.


Copy an entire page of a survey and save time copying individual questions. The new page is automatically added to the end of your questionnaire. Use the Organize tool to move it around within the survey




In order to improve your respondent’s experience and create a positive image of your company please to add pages to your questionnaire to make it easy to answer and more efficient!

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